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Back in May 2019, we launched an additional service for our Network Members called ‘Do your own DIP’, allowing you to have more flexibility and greater control in scenarios where a case is urgent or it is more complex than the standard.

We have recognised that many of our Network Members would also like the opportunity to be able to deal directly with lenders post-application and submit their own applications, so we have now launched ‘Doing your own Apps’.

PLEASE NOTE: To be approved to do your own APPs without supervision, you must first meet the following criteria:

  • Have passed the ‘Do your own DIPs’ training course
  • Submitted 3 consecutive DIPs that have received green passes and been signed off as ‘ ‘DYD’ (Do your own DIP) competent
  • Have passed this ‘Do your own APPs’ training course
  • Achieve 3 consecutive green passes on APPs with advanced approval from Case Management and be signed off as ‘DYA’ (Do your own APP) competent

There are some product types that do NOT require you to have passed either the ‘Do your own DIP’ or ‘Do your own App’ courses. These are:

  • Business loans
  • Rate/product switches
  • Buildings and Contents
  • Life and Illness protection plans (you must complete a 1/2 day training course to be signed off for these protection plans)

It is important however that a full OMS record is created for all of the above that satisfies the compliance requirements for the commission to be released to you.