UP3 – Referring to Umbrella Protect

Once you’ve spoken to your client about referring them to Umbrella Protect, you’ll need to complete the referral form.

You can access the referral form at any time from the Member Zone on our website.

One of our internal advisers, James Adkin, recently made a referral to Umbrella. Here’s what he thought:

“At first, I wasn’t sure about referring my clients to Umbrella. We’d been discussing BTL and I thought ‘they don’t need protection, do they?’. But then I saw Anna (MD of Umbrella) explaining why it’s worth everyone having the protection conversation with a specialist and I thought, ‘yes, I’m going to refer my client to them’.

I filled in the online referral form and sent it off expecting to hear back in a few days, but they got in touch straight away. Then they contacted my client and arranged a meeting with them really quickly. I was impressed by how proactive they were.

If you’re not sure about referring, you can always do what I did and have a chat with Anna or one of her team before you go ahead. They know their stuff and I was confident that they would treat my client like one of their own.

I probably won’t want to refer every client because I will write my own protection business but knowing that for those more complex cases, or for when I just don’t have time, there is an expert on hand to take care of my client with me, is great. I get peace of mind that I’ve done the right thing for my client, free up my own time to focus on my own advice and – an added bonus – I get 25% of the API when Umbrella write the business.”