ALDERMORE update how to do a simple rate switch for BTL and Resi customers

See the guide on how to quickly do a rate switch when your clients come to the end of the term with Aldermore and earn 0.3%. Remember, you do not need DYA permissions with Connect to do rate switches, and there are reduced documentation requirements, however, remember to follow the guidance in the Operations manual and add the record to OMS.

Switching is a great deal for you and your clients. It’s fee-free and we offer great rates – plus you receive a 0.3% procuration fee.

Great rates
We offer great rates for existing residential and buy to let clients. You can email the product switch team or call 01625 469 730, lines open 9am-5pm to find out more.

3 steps to switching
The process is quick and easy too, with no new affordability or credit checks. And you’ll have a dedicated contact in our product switch team on hand to help from start to finish.

Step 1 – confirm consent

Your client can call us or you can email a completed customer declaration form. Once we receive it, we’ll give you a call.

*If you previously arranged the customer’s original mortgage with us, then you don’t need to do this step.

Download Form

Step 2 – consider and choose

See our product switch guide for the latest rates and choose the one that’s best for your client. Once you’ve agreed the date for the product switch, we’ll send you out an offer by email or post.

Step 3 – switch it!

Return the signed acceptance form, either by email or post. We’ll switch the rate and confirm the new payment details.

Ready to switch? 

Customers can switch as early as 3 months before the end of their fixed term – get in touch to get the ball rolling.

Product Switch team     01625 469 730