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Welcome to Connect and our introduction course. The aim of the course is to introduce you to the 3 main systems used at Connect so you are familiar with them before you start your Core Training.

The systems are:

  1. CLMS – This system which manages all of your Connect training (Connect Learning Management System)
  2. BOX – This is our document store, which holds all the guidance and templates you use within your role at Connect
  3. OMS – Connects Mortgage System which is powered by OMS and is the customer relationship management system

To see this course, you will have already completed the first course that will have helped you to understand the basics of using the CLMS system. So follow the steps to the introduction lessons and take the short test at the end to confirm your understanding. Once you have completed this course, a range of new courses will open up for you to help you to start to prepare for your Core training.