Underwritten premiums in minutes – about UnderwriteMe

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This course explains the benefits of using UnderwriteMe’s Protection Platform for sourcing your protection quotes. After completing this course you should understand how the platform works and what its key features are.

This module is based on a Protection ‘Lunch & Learn’ session.

You should set aside a maximum of 75 minutes for this session. The presentation begins abruptly but the key content starts at at 3m 24s and ends at 30m 16s (but feel free to listen to the questions our network members asked at the end of the live session). There is also a short test relating to this presentation.

Underwritten premiums in minutes – about UnderwriteMe

UnderwriteMe’s John Revill and Steve Brown show you the power of the Protection Platform.

  • Save time with one application
  • It’s free for advisers to use
  • Compare fully underwritten premiums
  • A better experience for your client
  • Suitable for those of you who are new to protection and also for the more experienced advisers

By the end of the session you should:

  • Have an understanding of who UnderwriteMe are and what the Protection Platform does
  • Understand the specific elements of the protection application process that cause inefficiencies
  • Understand how by using technology, these inefficiencies can be reduced
  • Understand what the Protection Platform is and see how it can benefit you and your clients
  • Be able to register to use the Protection Platform