Coventry return to 90% LTV residential lending

For a limited time only – 90% LTV 5 year fixed products

They’re back! Tomorrow, we’re launching two new products at 90% LTV to help support you and your clients. We know demand is sure to be high, so to help us preserve our excellent service levels, these products are only available for a limited time.

Our new 90% LTV residential 5 year fixed products are available for new and existing borrowers and will open from 8am on Tuesday 14 July and will close at 8pm on Wednesday 15 July. The product rates will be available on our website and product guides tomorrow morning.

We always aim to give you transparency and certainty, which is why we have issued our pledge of 48 hours notice of withdrawal of these products at the same time as their launch.

We expect the next couple of days to be busy so to help the application process run smoothly, we wanted to highlight a couple of key points –

  • Only full applications will secure the product. All AIPs will be temporarily suspended during this period
  • We will only accept furloughed applicants up to 65% LTV
  • If employed applicants return to work following a period of furlough we require a full months payslip
  • Self-employed applicants must have been actively trading for the last 3 months, and will be individually assessed by our underwriting team.

For more detail on any of the above points please visit out dedicated coronavirus temporary lending policy page

Need support with your mortgage application? See our submission guidelines.