Family Building Society – BTL Criteria

BTL Criteria Across ALL Lending Areas 

The below criteria covers all of the products they have available and they have listed some Product specific criteria further down;

  • Max age 89 at application
  • No minimum income criteria
  • No maximum portfolio size with other lenders
  • No background stress on their portfolio – just needs to be profitable.
  • ICR Calculations (irrelevant of clients own personal tax bracket)

£4£ Remo – 130% @ 5.5% or the product rate + 2% (whichever is higher) unless using 5yr Fixed

Capital Raising 145% of the above.

  • Max LTV 65%
  • 4 applicants on a mortgage allowed


  • Over 40 countries of residence accepted. We will still lend to ExPATs in Europe.
  • For the majority of countries, no restrictions on employed/Self Employed/Retired.
    Some higher risk countries may mean the clients need to have an employer with a UK office. Please contact me for further information
  • Clients only need a live UK mortgage, do not need multiple lines of open credit
  • UK Correspondence address required – usually close family members.

LTD Company 

  • SPV’s only
  • 55% LTV available with no personal guarantee’s
  • Maximum of 8 directors/shareholders


  • BTL offset available up to 65% LTV.