FAMILY BUILDING SOCIETY Launch new products and increase LTVs on Resi and BTL

Great news, we are introducing new and improved Packager products that are due to be launched on the 24/06/2020.

We are withdrawing and replacing our current product line and applications can be accepted on these products up to and including Tuesday 30 June.

Main Highlights



We are increasing our LTVs to 75% on Residential cases including interest only and 65% on BTL


Introduction of new priced products at 60 and 75% for Residential and 60% and 65% for BTL.

Re-introduction of a new 2 YEAR FIXED Interest Only product at both 60% LTV and 75% LTV.

New Cases

As these products are not launched until the 24th we will not be able to process an application on these products until they have gone live.

Pipeline cases

We will not be able to change the product/LTV on any case currently within our pipeline until the new products are live on the 24th.


These cannot be produced by us until the 24th

If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Have a great evening!


Nathan Waller

Business Development Manager

M: 07387040895