Fleximize offering alternative business funding for clients who do not qualify for CBILS or BBLS

We are still lending

I wanted to send a note to all of our brokers to confirm that Fleximize is very much still open for business. I understand that, right now, many of your clients need funding that’s both flexible and fast, and that you need flexible alternatives to BBLS or CBILS loans, that allow you to get paid on the deal – immediately.

Therefore, we are happy to look at any application that has been rejected or had a CBILS/Bounce Back Loan deposited. If your customer wants a CBIL loan but also has an immediate cash requirement, feel free to use us as a “stop gap”. Your customer can have a loan deposited same day/next day and refinance the loan, without penalty, when it’s accepted for CBILS/BBLS loan.

I truly believe that brokers are at the heart of what we do here at Fleximize, and we have no intention of turning our back on our broker community. If you would like to speak directly to me for any assistance or clarity, please contact your account manager who can organise a call.

What we can offer

  • 6% commission on funded deals*
  • Immediate payment of commission in full upon drawdown
  • Option to refinance our loan over to a government-backed loan without penalty
  • Lending decisions in 24 – 48 hours and same-day drawdown
  • Loans of up to 2x monthly revenue
  • Your client has the flexibility to settle the loan at any time without any penalties
  • If affordability is there, we can build the first two capital repayments into the loan amount (effectively two repayment holidays at the start)

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Best regards,


Fleximize, CEO