FOUNDATION Reduce rates, re-introduce rent calcs to 125% and 75% LTV for HMO and MUB

As of today the ICR for basic rate taxpayers and Ltd co applications reduces from 145% to 125%. Any cases not yet offered that can benefit from this tweak can be updated and also transferred to the new lower rates.
The F3 range has now been increased to 75% LTV and so have HMOs, and Large HMO and multi-unit blocks. Student HMO property is acceptable to Foundation
A new packager exclusive range has also been launch, which Connect Members have access to. These are 2-year rates on their HMO and Large HMO and Multi-unit properties but with no early repayment charges at any time. See the attached flyer for more information.
It’s worth noting that like many lenders, they will not accept Business Bounce Back Loans as the source of deposit for a purchase, but they can consider payment holidays taken if there is a viable story. Please discuss with the BDM team in the first instance.