HABITO Improves pricing on their BTL products

From the 6th October Habito is improving their BTL rates and as an exclusive partner, we are able to give you early access to what these rates will look like.
Habito has repriced across the whole range moving them towards the top quarter of the specialist market. They have aligned their limited company range to their individual range and replaced the free valuation products with products giving the customers a cashback after they complete
Please see attached their new product guide for the details ahead of the sourcing systems update on Tuesday.
Remember, Connect are one of only a couple of partners who have access to Habito BTL, who is a great lender to consider when you need a quicker streamlined process with other key USPs such as:
  • No minimum income
  • No ex-local authority restrictions
  • Tenants on benefits accepted
  • Available to portfolio landlords
  • Flats over commercial considered

Check out their criteria on their intermediary website here: https://www.habito.com/intermediaries/

Check out their new product guide

Speak to the helpdesk on 01708 676135 for more information