Habito launch client cashback and increased proc fees!

We’re super excited to let you know that starting today, until the end of Feb 21, all Habito products have a new cashback incentive and an increased proc fee for partners. That means:
● We’re increasing the procuration fee we pay to partners (you!) from 0.50% to 0.70% (For all applications submitted by the 28th Feb 2021)

● We’re introducing £500 cashback for all non-fee assisted products and £750
cashback for fee assisted products, subject to our cashback terms and conditions.

As you know, we’re always working to improve our products and streamline how we do things. We wanted to provide even better products for our customers and partners right now,which, with our speedy service levels, will hopefully help out with the expected upcoming flurry of cases before the stamp duty relief ends.

What are your current service levels?
They’re great! Cases are receiving underwriter review in 24 hours, and moving to offer in about 13 days, so think of Habito for stamp duty deadline cases!

I have a question or need help with a case

Get in touch with us at 0330 818 0355 or intermediaries@habito.com if you need help with a case or have any questions. We also have more details on our products and criteria on our broker site.
All the best
– Team Habito