HOPE New Hope 70’s collection for Bridges – limited availability

I wanted to give you first chance of our new lower rate Bridging loans, as you will know already we are ‘Un-Reg’ and these loans are for residential properties only and I think the cheapest in the market.

Limited availability, for completions by 23rd October 2020.


Here we go:

Up to 70% LTV on loans from £150,000 to £770,000 (gross) at 0.7% pm – No Exit fee

Up to 75% LTV on loans from £150,000 to £575,000 (Gross) at 0.75% pm – No Exit fee; Refurbs allowed using own funds.

**Please share this great news with your colleagues, we promise you excellent service and communication**

Enquiry form attached which is required in all cases to ensure speedy AIP/Quotes.

For any enquiries please contact:

Chris Buckley