Lender confirms Connects DIP and Application rates are better than average

It has always been important for our Network to have strong lender relationships for the benefit of all our members, however during this time it is apparent that it is even more important.

Those who have joined me on the Kick-Off the Week Meetings will have heard me talk about the need for cases to be presented to the lenders with all the relevant information at the outset
particularly with our Commercial Lenders.

This is also true for all other lenders and it was pleasing to receive the following data from a lender about our submissions:

The DIP accept rate was 96.2% which was well above their average of 73.3%. The DIP to Application Rate was 88% again above their average of 39.4% however this is slightly
distorted as our submissions were weighted towards BTL, however their DIP to Application Rate for BTL was 56.6%

These excellent results show the benefit of good quality submissions, the working partnership between yourselves and our Case Management team to ensure that all the information is provided even if it does take a little longer at the outset the above conversion rates show that the end result is beneficial to both you and your clients.

As a reminder, as well as having access to the experience of the Case Management team, for just £99, they do all of the following for you: