LENDINVEST Development Exit Bridges available from 0.55%

While the property market is slowly coming back to life after weeks of lockdown, the knock-on effects on the residential property market will be felt for some time to come.

Buyers confidence and prices are expected to take a dip, all of which has slowed sales activity and had a knock-on effect on developers’ ability to redeem existing development facilities.

We’ve seen a large uptake in developers using our Development Exit finance product.

Our rates start from 0.55% and interest can be rolled up to 18 months, it is an excellent opportunity to reset and transition to a more flexible option.

The most common use cases are:

Increased leverage to pay back existing lenders and fund the next project
Increased marketing periods to ride out the price volatility
Capital raise to pay out JV partners and equity investors
Avoid late repayment charges and associated fees

Read the story of how we stepped in to support a developer who had property sales fall through as a result of Covid-19, ensuring they had time to find new buyers.

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