LENDINVEST Offer a £700 cashback on BTL, linked with Open Banking


We are delighted to offer your clients up to £700 cashback contribution towards legal fees for their next Buy-to-Let with our new Open Banking incentive.

Borrowers can now secure £200 cashback when they use Open Banking as part of the underwriting process, which can be linked to our existing £500 cashback offer on certain 5-year fixed mortgages.

Open Banking makes it easier for our team to reach the right decisions quickly and we wanted to thank your clients for helping us do that with this new offer.

This is all part of our updated September Buy-to-Let range, which includes:

  • Our summer special Buy-to-Let rates are here to stay, with rates starting at 2.99% on our 2-year, 65% LTV mortgage
  • Two-year fixed 75% LTV mortgage at 3.49%
  • Five-year fixed 75% LTV mortgage at 3.59%
  • Five-year fixed 75% LTV mortgages at 3.69% with a 4% ICR.

To start offering your client more cashback on their next Buy-to-Let, call your local BDM or get an instant quote.

To learn more about Open Banking and how we use it to speed up the underwriting process, please read our explainer.

We look forward to working with you again soon.