LENDINVEST Start instructing valuations again

We’re delighted to announce that our valuers will be recommencing valuations in England on your client’s Buy-to-Let applications from Monday 18th May.

Our process will return to what it was pre-lockdown, and you can expect us to work quickly to instruct valuers.

You can login to your broker portal to get to work on your next deal right away.

Here’s how it works

If you have a deal in our pre-April product changes pipeline, an underwriter will be contacting you to discuss it.

For those who have submitted applications between the April changes and now, we will be instructing valuers this evening to begin work next week. Please allow for a slight delay as they work through the backlog.

While valuations are able to begin again, there will be necessary changes to the process to ensure the valuer, your client and any of your client’s tenants remain safe while they occur.

These include:

  • Enforcing social distancing. A valuer will contact your client to arrange a time to value the property and request that it is empty, and if there are tenants confirm that they are able to remain outside for the duration
  • There will be no refunds of valuation fees if our valuers are instructed and they can’t get access to the property when it is empty
  • As a result of the outbreak of Covid-19 market conditions may mean the valuation is different to what you might have expected pre-lockdown.