Lesson Category: Adviser L1 -Process and Sales

Sales Process and Sales Skills

This lesson will help you to understand both the regulatory requirements of the sales process and equip you with ideas and tools to help you to improve your Sales Techniques. When you have completed all of the sub-sections of this lesson, click on the ‘Mark Complete’¬†button below.

Document management and risk

Before an application is submitted to a lender, a range of documents should be gathered and checked. The documents are being checked to ensure they are consistent with the fact find data, reflect the client’s circumstances correctly and that they appear to be genuine. This lesson will help you to understand the minimum document standards …

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Mortgage and Legal Process

You should look to understand the mortgage process steps including the legal process, as you should have sufficient understanding to be able to communicate the process in full to the Company’s clients. Managing¬†clients expectation in respect of ‘what happens next’ is a simple way to deliver great customer service.