L&G Adds further enhancements to Smartrfit with new ‘matched products’

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Release Notes 1.6

We have some great new updates to share with you this month, including a brand new feature!

Providing you with the best SmartrFit possible to support your work is our number one priority. That’s why we’re listening to your feedback and putting it into action.

Thank you for your continued support and great response so far – if you have any thoughts for us about your SmartrFit use, please do get in touch.

SmartrFit is evolving

We’ve introduced a new feature Product Matching, so you have all your research functions built into one system. Click here for more information 

Improved navigation

We’ve improved the user experience even further, so you can get to your results quicker. Click here for more information

Book a demo

If you’re new to SmartrFit, why not book a demo with one of our relationship manager’s. Click here for more information  

Coming soon…

At our conference this week, our transformation team provided a great update on what’s new and coming up in SmartrFit. If you missed the session, why not catch up here.

Watch the update here