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Just a quick update from us over here at Lendinvest. We are currently working through new cases, enquiries, tasks, and valuations on an extremely efficient basis. Our service level agreements are currently sitting at 1 day, therefore why wait longer elsewhere?

Please note that I am more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have moving forward, or to answer any questions in regards to our exciting new criteria changes which I have listed below for reference.

  • First-time landlords can now access loans for small HMOs
  • Yield-based valuations for some small HMOs
  • Mirrored criteria in England and Scotland
  • Lots of changes around HMOs, including making HMOs and MUFBs available for tier 2 borrowers and HMO and MUFB hybrids
  • A new simplified approach to stress testing portfolios between 100%-125% ICRs


Kind Regards and speak soon.