NATIONWIDE valuations starting up again for properties that were on hold

Following recent Government announcements and guidelines issued, valuers are now permitted to carry out physical inspections of properties in England where government guidelines and safety assessments can be adhered to.


For properties on hold because they aren’t suitable for a desktop valuation, we’ll aim to contact the applicant/vendor by 29 May to arrange a booking date – subject to an initial safety assessment and customer agreement, we anticipate most valuations will be carried out before the 12 June.


Please don’t call us to check valuation dates – when these are arranged, online Case Tracking will be updated.


If your client no longer wishes to proceed with their mortgage application or there’s been any material changes to their circumstances, such as income, please let us know. 


Visit our Nationwide for Intermediaries and The Mortgage Works websites for more information on how this may affect your applications: