Next course to obtain protection permissions Thursday 3rd September

If you have not yet obtained your permissions to transact protection, you can attend this course to add this to your client offering.

The current Pandemic has heightened the awareness and the need for clients to look at the Protection they have in place.

Due to demand, we are putting on an extra Insurance 1/2 day course on Thursday 3rd September.

Now is the time to really look at Protection and gaining the permissions to be able to support your clients whilst also creating that additional income stream. We have run a number of protection training sessions for knowledge which can be seen in the Learning Management System. You can listen to the recordings to improve your knowledge of protection selling, providers, trusts etc pm the course called ‘Virtual Training Sessions- Protection Library’

The course next Thursday is to understand the regulatory requirements and get your permissions from the Network to sell these products.

If you would like to find out more, or book on the course, speak with your BDM Kevin, Darren or

Emma or call the helpdesk on 01708 676135