Not having the protection conversation is a conduct risk – don’t leave yourself or your clients exposed

Are you having the protection conversation with all of your clients? It’s a rare case where a client won’t have a protection need; even wealthy clients rely on an income to feed investments and grow their portfolios – but it can be tricky for even the most dedicated of you to talk to every client about their protection needs.
Lots of you have said that although you understand how important it is to have the protection conversation with your clients, you’re not sure how or when to mention it.

If you join Umbrella on Monday 15th November for a short afternoon session, they’ll share with you their methods for starting the protection conversation.
In the 12 months since Connect started working with Umbrella Protect, Connect advisers have referred 120+ clients, written 81 policies and £17.7m in sums assured. Are you missing out on your share?

Come along if you want to hear from some industry experts; would like to start referring your own clients for protection; or just want to get some pointers for your own sales process. You never want to leave yourself, or your clients, in the position of having to take/make the dreaded phone call!

Write It. Refer it. Don’t ignore it.
[Call recording courtesy of Royal London]