OCTOPUS: Reduce rates and will consider refub bridge up 70% net of interest

Along with gearing highly on day one (consider up to 70% net of interest), we have reduced the rate from 0.8%pm to 0.75%pm which makes us very competitively priced.

Other benefits include:

  • Can fund any refurbishment project where the existing structure will remain in place and can accommodate a broad level of work being completed i.e. light / medium / heavy
  • Examples include a house conversion into flats, a commercial asset converted into residential, a full internal rework of a house requiring full renovation, loft conversion, single-storey extensions.
  • One off £995 fee for our Asset manager who monitors the project, rather than expensive QS costs
  • Perfect for auction purchases as we can meet the tight completion timeframes and clients need a minimal deposit

Our products are therefore:

  • Unregulated bridge – up to 70% at 0.69%pm
  • Regulated bridge – up to 65% at 0.72%pm
  • Light Development – up to 70% net of interest day one, 65% LTGDV, 7%pa rate.
  • Development – IRR Driven, but up to 70% net of interest day one, 65% LTGDV, rates range between 6.5%pa -9%pa.
  • Commercial Bridge – IRR Driven, but up to 60% LTV between 0.8%pm and 1.05%pm

Do you have any new or current cases which would suit these products? Would love to see them and present terms for you.

For any questions and enquiries contact:

Oliver Porter
Octopus Real Estate External BDM
T : 07736 967 355
H : 020 3935 4160
E : oliver.porter@octopus-realestate.com