PRECISE Launch new autumn BTL specials with just 1.25% fee

I’m excited to start your Thursday with some great news regarding NEW Limited edition Buy to Let products and updates to our core Buy to Let range that are launching today.


  1. Introducing our Autumn Buy to Let Specials!


As your Mortgage Strategy Lender of the Year 2020, we are dedicated to supporting your customers in meeting their borrowing needs. I’m delighted to announce that today we have launched new limited edition Autumn Special buy to let mortgages, aiming to provide more solutions for landlords.


Tier 1 products with reduced fees, helping lower the cost for landlord customers


  • Fees reduced to 1.25%. (Reduction of 0.75%)
  •        Rates from 3.14% and up to 70% LTV
  •        Limited company and Personal ownership structures
  • Includes HMOs, multi units and flats up to 20 storeys

Landlords with small or large portfolios acceptable

  • Available for purchases and remortgages


The full products can be found in the attached product guide and at the following link:


  1. Tier 2 products reintroduced into our core product range, giving options for landlords with minor credit blips


In addition to the above limited edition range we are pleased to reintroduce tier 2 products into our range of buy to let mortgages:

  • Our tier 2 products assist those landlords that have less than perfect credit profiles, including: Defaults and CCJs accepted if registered over 24 months
  • 2 year fixed rates from 3.24%
  • 5 year fixed rates from 3.59%
  • Available up to 75% LTV
  • Includes HMOs, limited companies and landlords with small or large portfolios (please note multi units are notconsidered for these products)

These products can be found in the attached guide and also at the following link:


Product guide:


We would really appreciate your help in promoting these exciting changes to your databases, as we hope you agree that the new products will be welcomed by your members. If there is anything that we can provide you with to help to do this, please contact Laura and she will be happy to assist you. As always, your continued support is more than appreciated.

Should you have any questions regarding the new products please don’t hesitate contacting myself, Ian or Jon directly.

Liza Campion
Head of Key Accounts