SAFFRON Launches updated range including 90% resi and Ltd Company BTL

First Time Buyer – removal of the arrangement fee

Owner Occupied – Launch of 90% LTV

BTL – rate and fee reduction

Limited Co BTL – relaunch to market

We are delighted to announce a number of product changes to enhance our range and help you better meet the of your clients, including lower arrangement fees on our new BTL products for a limited time only.

Residential Range

  • First Time Buyer 3.77% 2 year fixed until 31.08.2023 90% LTV no Arrangement fee
  • First Time Buyer 4.07% 5 Year fixed until 31.08.2026 90% LTV no Arrangement fee
  • Owner Occupied 3.57% 2 year fixed until 30.09.2023 90% LTV Arrangement fee £999
  • Owner Occupied 3.77% 5 year fixed until 30.09.2026 90% LTV Arrangement fee £999

Buy To Let Range – all with a reduced arrangement fee for a limited time only!

  • Everyday BTL 3.47% 5 year fixed until 31.08.2026 75% LTV Arrangement fee £999
  • Limited Co. BTL 2.87% 2 year fixed until 30.09.2023 75% LTV Arrangement fee £999
  • Limited Co. BTL 3.47% 5 year fixed until 30.09.2026 75% LTV Arrangement fee £999

Limited Company Buy to Let: Key Points

  • 2 Year fixed rates: Rental cover 125% of either pay rate +2% or 5.5% whichever is higher
  • 5 year fixed rates: Rental Cover 125% of pay rate
  • Rental Cover on debt for debt re-mortgage cases 125% of pay rate. Fees can be added to the loan for debt for debt remortgages
  • Property must be let on an AST
  • Rental assessment is based on occupation by 1 family on an unfurnished let
  • For portfolio landlords the maximum LTV INCLUDING fees is 75%
  • No time limit as to how long registered i.e. new SPV’s allowed
  • All Shareholders in the Company must be named as Directors
  • Personal Guarantees for total borrowing (plus accrued interest & costs) taken from all Directors
  • Maximum of 4 Directors – individual credit checks will be undertaken
  • Details of all properties each Director has an ownership in (either in own name or a business name) must be provided.

Full product details here