TWENTY7TEC – Daily product update 21/05/2020


Support and Data Services Report

Twenty7tec Product Changes Daily Update:                                   21/05/20

We can confirm we are operating to our normal SLA’s.

We have seen an increase in updates titled “with immediate effect”, which is outside of agreed 24 hours’ notice, these are being completed earlier where possible or fitted into the following days schedule.

The following updates were completed and are live in Source today:

Darlington BS:

Darlington BS have extended the end date on their 5 year fixed BTL standard product to 30th September 2025.

They have also withdrawn the following 2 products from sale:

FR328 2YR fixed 90% LTV

FR329 5YR fixed 90% LTV

Digital Mortgages:

Digital Mortgages have changed rates on their retention-only products. As part of this, they are also extending product end dates from 31 May to 31 July.

Hanley Economic:

Hanley Economic have withdrawn the following product from the market:

MFD373: 3.45% Fixed Rate for 3 Years Up to 95% LTV


HSBC have made some changes to their products:

  • 2-year fixed fee paying at 60%, 70% and 75% LTV have reduced
  • 2-year fixed fee saver at 60% LTV has reduced
  • 3-year fixed fee paying at 60%, 70% and 75% LTV have reduced
  • 3-year fixed fee saver at 60% LTV has reduced
  • 5-year fixed fee paying at 60%, 70%, 75% LTV have reduced
  • 5-year fixed premier exclusive at 60%, 70% and 75% have reduced
  • 2-year tracker standard at 60%, 70%, 75% and 80% LTV have reduced


LendInvest have made changes to their products:

Rates from 2.99% on two-year fixed at 60% LTV

  • LTV up to 75%
  • Five-year fixed rates from 3.39%
  • Lending on standard properties and small HMOs up to 6 rooms
  • A £500 cashback offer on legal fees
  • £150 valuation fee offer

Newcastle BS:

Newcastle BS have launched 2 residential interest-only 80% LTV products (one with £300 cashback), 2 residential remortgage cashback products at 60% LTV (one with £300 cashback and one with £750 cashback), and 2 residential remortgage products at 80% (one with £300 cashback and one with £750 cashback).

West One Secured Loans:

West One Secured Loans have made some changes to their BTL products:

  • They have relaunched a range of products at 70% Loan to value, subject to some specific parameters:
  • Maximum loan size of £250k
  • Maximum property value of £400k (£300k for flats – maximum LTV is 65%)
  • Their 65% range will still cater for loans up to £750k, but subject to revised product pricing
  • For said larger value properties below 65%, there is just a 5-year fixed option now, the 2-year option no longer exists
  • Their maximum exposure to a single borrower is £1,000,000

The following updates are scheduled for tomorrow (any embargoed updates, or those not yet received cannot be included in the list below, in line with our agreements with lenders):


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