Webinar on Twenty7tec Source Plus and how to integrate with OMS

Have you used the full functionality of Source Plus yet and combined your criteria, affordability and product search in one go? Have you used the integration with OMS to save re-keying and for automatic saving of KFIs and research to your OMS record?

If you have answered no to either of these, you need to attend Fridays webinar where we will have both OMS and Twenty7tec in attendance to show you just how.

The agenda includes:
  • OMS – What’s changed and benefits to you
  • Journey from OMS to Twenty7tec
  • Twenty7tec data fields explained
  • Sourcing Examples
  • Criteria and Affordability Sourcing
  • True Cost Settings
  • User settings
  • Getting documents back to OMS
Event details:
Friday 26th November
To register, click here.
Once registered you will be sent details to log into on the morning.
Look forward to seeing you there!