ZEPHYR Reduces rates on HMO, MUFB and Flats above commercial

Great news for your BTL clients! Tomorrow we launch our new product range (Wednesday 3 Feb), which will be live on our Online Portal from 9am. We’ve reduced our rates across the majority of products in both our Standard and Specialist range, plus introduced a NEW 1% fee product option to give your BTL clients more choice.

We’ll be announcing this to the wider market from tomorrow, but as one of our key partners, we wanted to give you an advance update of these positive changes to our range. Please note – there might be a slight delay for when the new range goes live on sourcing systems, so your brokers should refer to our website for full details.


Key changes summary

  • Majority of Standard and Specialist HMO & MUFB product rates reduced.
  • Rates reduced across the Specialist New Build & Flats Above Commercial product range.
  • New 1% fee options.
  • 60% LTV band increased to 65% across entire range.

Full details in the attached, updated Product Range document. Please add the latest information and documents to your lender pages where relevant, from tomorrow.

As ever, brokers can find details of how to contact us on our website – including numbers for our BDM team. I hope this information is useful for you and your members, any questions please let me know.