FAMILY BS BTL USPs – Ltd company lending with no PG, max-age 89 and no background portfolio stress test

The hot topic this week is BTL. We offer a range of Products for Personal BTL, Ltd Company BTL and EXPATS. If you have any case enquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

USP Updates

If you would like to know more about this, or any of our other policy areas I am happy to arrange a call or zoom meeting to go through these. Let me know if this would be useful and I will get this in the diary at a time convenient to you


BTL Criteria Across ALL Lending Areas

  • Max age 89 at application
  • No minimum income criteria
  • No maximum portfolio size with other lenders
  • No background stress on their portfolio – just needs to be profitable.
  • ICR Calculations (irrelevant of clients own personal tax bracket)

£4£ Remo – 130% @ 5.5% or the product rate + 2% (whichever is higher) unless using 5yr Fixed

Capital Raising 145% of the above.

  • Max LTV 65%
  • 4 applicants on a mortgage allowed


  • Over 40 countries of residence accepted. We will still lend to ExPATs in Europe.
  • For the majority of countries, no restrictions on employed/Self Employed/Retired.
    Some higher-risk countries may mean the clients need to have an employer with a UK office. Please contact me for further information
  • Clients only need a live UK mortgage, do not need multiple lines of open credit
  • UK Correspondence address required – usually close family members.

LTD Company

  • SPV’s only
  • 55% LTV available with no personal guarantee’s
  • Maximum of 8 directors/shareholders

BTL Minimum Submission Requirements


Nathan Waller

Business Development Manager

M: 07387040895