JUST CASHFLOW Increase business lending limit to £1 million

Increasing lending limits in support of SMEs

We are delighted to announce we are increasing the limit on lending from £500,000 to £1m to help SMEs move forward as the market starts to open and supply changes begin to move.

Chief Commercial Officer, Martine Catton, says, “Many excellent businesses have been dramatically impacted by COVID – losing access to their customers overnight with various Government announcements.

“Good businesses don’t become bad businesses overnight and many are going to need substantial fast and flexible support that isn’t always available through the traditional banks and the government supported schemes they are aligned with.

“Successful entrepreneurs are by nature fast moving and adaptable. Post COVID they will be looking for opportunities to transform their businesses or create new ones. They need finance facilities that fits with this mind-set”.

Many businesses:

  • Will need working capital
  • May be unable to move forward without reviewing their existing funding

And it’s always best they plan their cash flow requirements early.

The increase in lending limits is great news, especially for medium sized business where for example they have large stock requirements, are manufacturers and transport companies or those involved in export / import.


Do you have clients we may be able to help?

Please get in touch as we would love to be able to assist you with their funding requirements.

The Just Cashflow Team


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