L&G – The way you claim procuration fees is changing

Register for ClubHub for simple claims and faster payments.

Register here.

What’s happening?

From December 2021, procuration fee claims will be moved to the ClubHub platform.

What you need to do

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register your details for ClubHub here. It’s free to register.

What this update means for you

  • Get paid on mortgage exchange – Their new streamlined form will help speed up your claims payments.
  • Streamline bulk uploads – Their new claims template helps you check and submit the correct details and flags any incomplete fields –  now automated for faster payments.
  • Access templates and tools – ClubHub gives you access to their adviser tools, SmartrCriteria and SmartrFi.
  • Have complete visibility – See the status of all paid and pending claims for the last 3 months to help you manage your income more effectively.