LV Resume face to face nurse and doctor examinations for protection plans

As we all begin our phased return to the new normality, we’re pleased to let you know that our partner Square Health have now resumed face-to-face nurse and doctor medical examinations for LV=.

Our expert underwriters will continue to review all relevant new personal and business protection cases, and assess whether an examination or additional evidence is necessary. If an examination is the most appropriate route, we’ll now consider and offer face-to-face appointments.

Square Health has additional COVID-19 policies and protocols in place to ensure your clients safety is their priority. These include staff training on the latest guidelines, with regular updates, and COVID-19 risk assessments for your clients before arranging an appointment.

Square Health will:

  • offer examinations at your client’s home, outdoors in private gardens where possible or an appropriate assessment centre
  • supply personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • use disposable and single-use equipment
  • increase the frequency of disinfecting their equipment
  • continue to look for innovative ways to reduce face-to-face time with your client, including remote pre-appointment interviews.

For cases where a face-to-face examination is not appropriate, Square Health will continue to provide the virtual screenings that we introduced in March 2020 (term insurance only).

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