Meet Umbrella – referring your BTL, commercial and residential clients for protection – Tue 15th December, 12:30-1:30 pm

Meet Anna Glod, MD of Umbrella Protect, our new protection referral partner and find out why you should be referring your clients even if they’re BTL or commercial.

At Connect, we know you may not offer protection advice yourselves, so our partnership with Umbrella gives you an opportunity to refer your clients to a protection specialist.

This means your clients will get the protection advice they need; you have peace of mind that you’re not leaving a mortgage loan unprotected and you’ll earn 30% commission for all referrals that convert.

Umbrella’s MD, Anna, will talk to you about her firm; the experience her advisers have; how they approach the protection sale and why you should feel confident in referring your clients to them.

Anna will also explain what happens once you refer a client over to her.

There’ll be time to ask Anna questions at the end of the session too.


GoToTraining Invitation – Meet Umbrella – referring your clients for protection


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