METRO Improve their contractor and contract worker policies


In case you missed it, we recently made some changes to our contractor and fixed term contract worker policy to find new ways in which we can support your mortgage customers. So what’s new?

Policy enhancements

12 months contracting history no longer required for customers that can evidence a 24 month continuous history working in the same industry.

Temporary/Fixed Contracts now accepted where income can be evidenced over a 24 month period in the same industry. Income will be assessed as guaranteed income as specified on the contract.

Contract policy highlights

  • Current Contract –  minimum overall contract length of three months
  • Income – calculated on daily rate x 5 days x 46 weeks unless the contract is restricted to less
  • Contract Value – no minimum contract value
  • Industry – we will consider any profession, not just IT workers
  • Contract gaps – up to 6 weeks allowed in the last 12 months

For full details on the points above, please refer to our Mortgage Lending Criteria Guide and Packaging Guide.

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