STAMP DUTY Disclaimer template

With the stamp duty incentiveĀ deadline fastĀ approaching and no immediate sign that it will be extended, your purchase clients are at risk from missing the deadline and having to pay the duty. In turn, they may turn to you and make a complaint, particularly if there are lender delays that they misinterpretĀ as delays you could have controlled.
Whilst potentially it is still possible to complete a newly submitted purchase application before the deadline, with the current lender and solicitor delays, this is looking more unlikely.
To protect yourself, we have designedĀ the below disclaimer which you can issue to your clients to make sure they are fully aware of the risks, and while you will do everything in your power to meet the deadline, this is not guaranteed.
You can find a copy of the disclaimer in BOX here:Ā
Or download it from below.

Ensure the content is added to your own compliance, approved headed paper before sending and add a copy to the OMS record.