Near Prime mortgages from Digital Mortgages by Atom bank — get exclusive rates as a Legal & General Mortgage Club member

Here’s what they’ve got to say:

We’ve got some exciting news for you — as a Legal & General Mortgage Club member, Digital Mortgages by Atom bank are offering you exclusive access to the following purchase and remortgage Near Prime products:

  • 2YR Fix 60% LTV fee free priced at 2.45% with £250 cashback
  • 2YR Fix 65% LTV fee free priced at 2.69% with £250 cashback
  • 2YR Fix 70% LTV fee free priced at 2.74% with £250 cashback
  • 2YR Fix 75% LTV fee free priced at 2.89% with £250 cashback
  • Free valuation for purchase and remortgage products. Remortgage also offers free legals

Please note: These rates are only available to Legal & General Mortgage Club members who are registered as part of the Digital Mortgages by Atom bank broker panel. Not yet registered? Sign up today here.

More than just great mortgage rates

Their products aren’t only about exclusive rates, they also have several great features:

  • Flexible criteria: They’ve designed their Near Prime lending criteria to be accommodating to even more people, by introducing updates such as £1,000 unsatisfied cap for defaults and CCJs per applicant available, and four defaults and four CCJs permitted per applicant over the last three years
  • Straightforward lending policy: Dgital Mortgages by Atom bank’s policy isn’t bogged down with tonnes of T&Cs — they don’t do tiered or risk-based products
  • Competitive pricing and great incentives: Your customers can get access to helpful incentives like free valuations, free legals and cashback offers
  • Fast, efficient service: Their automated process delivers a quicker turnaround
  • Same service for Prime and Near Prime: They treat applications from all customers equally, so they can expect the same level of service whatever they apply for

You can find out more about Digital Mortgages by Atom bank’s Near Prime range and what it can offer here.

How do I apply for these products?

Applying for a Near Prime mortgage on behalf of your customer couldn’t be easier.

Simply select a product code (see the rates table) and log in and apply as usual through the Portal.

Sound good? They’d love to hear from you

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in these products or would like to find out more about Digital Mortgages by Atom bank — they’re always happy to help out.