Offering Customers the Chance to Secure Their New Rate Early

With Barclays, you can currently support your clients to secure and book a new rate up to 90 days in advance of their current Barclays mortgage rate ending. However, please be advised that for a limited time your clients whose Barclays mortgage rate expires in October 2022 can secure their rate earlier.

What does this mean for you?

Within an uncertain rate market, demand for Product Transfers (rate switching) is growing and the extended booking period means you’re now able to assist your clients with a Barclays mortgage rate ending in October 2022, who are looking to you to provide the assurance of securing them a new rate now.

 Note: When you book a new rate in advance, we’ll apply the new rate to take effect as soon as your client’s existing rate ends.

Who is eligible for the extended booking period?

The extended booking window is open now for your clients with a Barclays mortgage product expiring in October 2022.

 Note: The extended window is only available on a trial basis, and the standard 90 days continues to apply for rates that don’t expire in October.

What rates are available for product transfers?

Rates from our preferential Reward range are exclusively available to existing Barclays mortgage customers for product transfers and further borrowing.

View our competitive Reward range

How can I apply?

You can apply quickly and easily using our online rate switch tool with no documentation or signed declarations required.

Available for both Residential and Buy to Let applications, the easy to use tool is located within the tools section of the Barclays Intermediary Hub.