Have You Seen Our New 95% LTV Residential Range?

Kent Reliance understand that as well as finding low deposit mortgage options, many aspiring home owners may also experience challenges satisfying mortgage affordability and achieving their lending goals with standard income multiples.

Our new range has been designed to not only assist first and second-time buyers needing 95% lending, but also provide flexibility around income multiples for newly qualified professional clients. We view each case on its own merits and can look outside of our standard income criteria, including being flexible with income multipliers.

So whether they’re an accountant, dentist, pharmacist, doctor or police officer (not an exhaustive list), we manually assess your clients’ current income and future earning potential and can be flexible with income multiples.

  • Up to 95% LTV plus lender fees
  • Maximum loan £1.5m plus lender fees
  • Flexible, manual underwriting with no credit scoring
  • Higher income multiples considered for newly qualified professionals
  • Self-employed with an uplift of up to 30% considered for year two of trading