NEW! Sub 25% Share Accepted for Shared Ownership

Discover How We Could Support Your Clients With Shared Ownership

We’ve been working hard to make sure we have the right policies in place for those who’re just out of reach of home ownership due to affordability, achieve their goals of getting on the property ladder.

We see the potential in every specialist case and look to provide your clients with handcrafted mortgage solutions. That’s why we can now consider shared ownership applications with sub 25% shares on a case-by-case basis, giving your clients more flexibility. With a focus on the ‘Social’ aspect of OSB Group’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda, this offering was designed with inflation and the rising cost of living in mind when considering your client’s opportunity of buying their own home.

Liza Campion, Head of Corporate Accounts and New Build, OSB says: “It’s really positive news that we’ve launched into the sub 25% share space for shared ownership. This shows our dedication to the industry as we’ve identified the need for lower shares has been growing, and for them to enter at the early stages of the product change, really will open up homeownership to so many.”

Considered features across our shared ownership range include:

 Up to 100% share value accepted
 £1m maximum loan
 £50,000 minimum loan
 £125,000 minimum property value
 Unsecured credit not counted but subject to full underwrite

Our dual-branded business development managers could individually support your first-time buyers with their needs including shared ownership or new build, all in one place.