WESTONE Launch the new BTL Semi- Exclusive product guides for both Standard and Specialist options.

These products allow you some advantages over the current range which include;

  • Max loan increased to £500k up from £250K on the normal product range at 70% LTV
  • No restrictions on the property value
  • Competitive rates for this larger loan size

We are still happy to accept properties in London but are looking for a good spread of property locations across the country and your assistance with this would be very much appreciated.

Don’t forget we can assist with ex-pat, holiday let/Airbnb, HMO and Multi-Unit Blocks to both individual and Limited Companies.

Attached are the normal rate guides for our Standard and specialist range as these reflect a couple of changes also covered on the semi-exclusive guides

  • Rental stress calculations for Limited Companies/LLPs and Lower Rate Taxpayers will return to our pre-COVID levels of 125% coverage on standard properties. (Reduced from 135%).
  • We have corrected our guides to show Expat lending is still available to 70% LTV Max on our Specialist product ranges.

Antette Tillbury

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E | Annette.Tilbury@westoneloans.co.uk


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