Connect launch with Clifton Asset Finance for Pension Led Funding

Your client’s pensions pots are an asset they could be putting to better use within their businesses.
We have launched a proposition with Clifton Asset Finance who can assist your client to either purchase a commercial property using the pension asset, or draw funds from their pension pot to meet business cash flow requirements.
When purchasing a commercial property, the client can also obtain a commercial loan for up to 50% of the value of the pension. For example, with a pension pot with a value of £200000, they could borrow a further £100000 and purchase a commercial property for £300000.
If they need general business cashflow instead, perhaps for equipment or expansion, they can borrow up to 50% of the current pension pot value.
In conjunction with FIBA, Clifton are delivering a webinar on the 17th July at 2pm. Follow the link to find out more and register. 
If you would like to discuss an enquiry in the meantime, you can talk to our account manager Tom Whitlock by scheduling a one on one telephone call here: