Westone revamps range with increased loan sizes

Summary of the changes are as follows;

  • Our W2 range remains unchanged exactly as is currently.
  • Standard W1 rate card pricing remains unchanged. We have increase the loan sizes as follows 80% to £750k max loan and now allow re-mortgages as well as purchases, We have increased to £1.5m max loan to all – 65/70/75% LTV bandings.
  • Specialist range -W1 – Loan size increased to £1.5m max loan to apply at 65/70/75% LTVs. Reduce pricing on specific products below.
  • 2-year 3.69% at 75% & 3.59% at 70%
  • 5 year 3.79%  at 75% & 3.74% at 70%
  • Replace the current 3.44% limited edition with new rate 3.34% and max loan increased to £750k. Max property value removed – no maximum applies now.  (Current limited edition product range (3.44%, 5 year fixed) is withdrawn to new business from Monday 17 May)
  • Holiday lets – increase loan size to £750k – no other changes
  • Ex-Pat – increase loan size to £750k – no other changes
  • Flats above commercial premises can be considered at up to 75% LTV – please refer any specific cases ( above food outlets etc likely to be around 65%)
  • Applicants who own unencumbered properties may be considered where no mortgage history is available, subject to merits of the overall case.

Copies of the new rate cards are attached.  Hopefully these changes will help to grow our businesses together.

BTL Specialist

BTL Specialist Ex Pat’s

BTL Specialist Holiday Lets

BTL Standard New Limited Edition Max 750k Loan

BTL Standard


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