Write it or refer it but don’t ignore it! How our protection specialist partner builds a menu plan with your clients.

If you’re not interested in selling your own protection, this case study will show you how you can increase your commission by referring your clients on to our specialist partner (you won’t need to do the test if you don’t sell protection yourself).

This new protection CPD lesson is a case study from Connect’s protection referral partner, Umbrella Protect. In the lesson, you’ll follow protection specialist (and MD of Umbrella Protect Ltd) Anna Glod as she shares her thought process around constructing a menu plan conversation with clients. There’s also a commission calculation showing the financial benefits of working with a specialist referral partner.

And if you are selling your own protection but often wish you had more hours in the day, or an extra pair of hands to get through it all, you’ll learn how using Umbrella’s advisers can give you that added help. You can even claim CPD points towards your protection hours by completing the lesson.