New Holiday Let Rates from Harpenden Building Society

  • 2 Year Discount Repayment    2.99% / 3.49%
  • 2 Year Discount Interest-Only    2.99% / 3.49%
  • Repayment 75% Max LTV
  • Interest only/Part & Part 70% Max LTV

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Our Holiday Let and Holiday Home/Second home product:

  • We also take a holistic view of the applicant’s financial circumstances to ensure they have surplus income and funds available to afford the mortgage and the Holiday Let running costs for up to 3 months – safeguarding the customers’ ability to repay the loan if the property is unexpectedly without visitors for short periods.
  • The customer’s earned income is considered from a range of sources in addition to salary, including their savings, investments and a portion of the expected rental income when a lending decision is made.
  • Manual underwriting provides a more in-depth review of the customer’s financial position and a greater opportunity for complex applications to be accepted.
  • Our mortgages for holiday lets are available for purchase, re-mortgage or release of equity to include short term holiday letting. A minimum income of £30k is required.
  • Gifted deposit accepted (must be from a family member)
  • Ability to purchase a property that would have previously been labelled as a Consumer Buy to Let, as a Holiday Let qualifying for the more attractive criteria that comes with this lending category.
  • There are no restrictions on location for the property purchase giving wider buying options.

Our policy of lending to people in different types of employment has kept pace in an ever-changing environment. We therefore lend to people who are employed, self-employed and retired. We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating to the changing nature of income.

We believe a specialist lender like ourselves, experienced in this area, is absolutely key and we can guide you through the opportunities that lie ahead.