Our New BTL Product Guides for Q3

MFS logoOur BTL product considers all complex and real-life situations, where typically the whole process is a lengthy hurdle. With all our research and know-how, we have developed this to best support our intermediaries and borrowers.

See our USP’s and a link to our calculator below:

MFS – Buy to Let Calculator


  • Max loan on single asset £3m
  • Max loan on portfolio lend £10m
  • ICR 120% on payrate with deferred interest of up to 2%, rolled interest of up to 9 months and top slicing available to help reach the needed coverage.
  • Pay rate will be based on the lower rate if deferring interest (payrates from 4.19%)
  • Tier changes to help more customers achieve our lowest rates
  • 4 Hour response times and direct access to underwriters
  • 0.15% product fee discount for existing Bridge or BTL clients
  • Combine multiple complex customer situations, corporate structures, and locations with a wide variety of strong yielding property types (large HMOs, MUFBs, and even holiday lets)
  • 2–3-year terms and a bespoke approach help provide optionality and breathing space between bridge exits or initial purchases and future long-term financing
  • Generous commissions, with product fees from only 1.75%
  • NO reduction in the max 75% LTV when lending at our maximum £3m
  • We can combine with offshore companies, individuals, or trusts, along with impaired credit up to and including discharged bankruptcies.


What this means for you is that you can convert your BTL queries into loans seamlessly. Your clients will be pleased with the speed and efficiency, as well as the service you will be offering. Our underwriters will do all the legwork upfront to assist and support you throughout!


Please also see our new Q3 Bridging Lending Guide attached with our rate card on page 5. I have also included our best bridging USP’s below as a refresher.

  • Will lend to any foreign national if they do not reside in a sanctioned country (no UK bank account or credit footprint needed)
  • Will lend up to 75% on commercial and mixed-use security (warehouses, industrial and shopping centres considered)
  • LTV’s up to 75% on a 1st charge
  • LTVs to 70% on 2nd charge
  • Large loans of £50m+ (including high value single assets)
  • Terms up to 24 months
  • Large development exit funding line – loans of £30m+ and we will lend up to 75% LTV – negotiable PG’s and percentage profit share on unit sales considered on a case-by-case basis (so the developer can retain funds from sales to reinvest)
  • Re-bridging allowed
  • Unregulated only with main residentials owned in company names allowed, as long as all occupants are shareholders.
  • Will lend to applicants with unlimited adverse credit/negative media articles (any CCJ’s etc need to be repaid with the advance)

Lending Guide Q3 2022

BTL Product Guide Q3 2022